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Über Ricardo

Hello pet lover! :)

My name is Ricardo Garre and I am 23 years old (From Valencia, Spain)
About two months ago I moved to Berlin to leave my comfort zone and get to know the world. But since I was little I have felt something special for animals.

My parents adopted a dog when I was about 7 years old. Princes was called. She was my escape valbula after arriving at the college / university. And thanks to her I learned many values, apart from creating in me a feeling of incredible responsibility. She was the princess (jeje) of the house, her weekly baths, walks, caresses, kisses, hugs, etc.

After 17 years with me, she left us with a huge vacuum. And just happened it, me and my sister tattooed her on our arms, so she would always be with us. But anyway, now I'm in Berlin and one of the things that fascinates me is being able to spend time with pets. I take care of them as if they were mine. Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. I'm open to caring for any type of pet.

The house in which I live is not big, but it is comfortable, safe and cool. And around there are many parks where they can enjoy, run, jump, etc.

I'm a happy and fun person, and I'm a Petlover. They give me life.

I would love to take care of your pet, take it out for a walk and even spend a night with me if you needed the service. You just have to write me and I'll move anywhere.

So well, I hope to hear about you and to meet the most special of your house.


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