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Über Carla

My name is Carla and i am from Brazil. I am in Berlin since April 2017 and will leave on October of this year. I am here for a master in Sustainable Fashion Design.
I have been being dog´s and cat´s owner all my life. I really can't count how many of them passed by my life and absolutely none was bought, all adopted or because i run into in the street or because someone couldn't take care anymore.
I have been missing a lot this interaction with animals and that´s the main reason why i am applying for this job.
I will talk about some of them:
Bessy: my first love, she was a baby Weimaraner that was left at the house that my parents rented, the owners were leaving the country and couldn't take her. She gave me two new loves, Fancy and Igor, her kids. They were my company since the teenage years until i left my parents’ house. One year before I married, I get Preta (means Black in portuguese), a German Shepard that was lost on my street, I have took her home and tried to find the owners but they never appeared, then I took her with me when I got married. I have never new her age exactly, but she lived with me for 10 years before pass away.
While she was still alive we have got Pitchula, a street dog that a friend asked for temporary shelter, the most fun dog EVER, the temporary shelter became her house forever (14 years). She lived enough to meet Otto, a two years old Maltese that a friend couldn't take care anymore. Both became best friends ❤️. She passed away before him, whom only left us last year when he was almost 18 years old. By lucky, before Pitchula left, Raica, a baby and so cute German Shepard arrived and could guarantee that Otto would not be alone. Raica is still alive, 13 years old and now she has a new fellow, another street dog, again a temporary shelter that became permanent. His name is Sorriso, that means Smile, and we gave him this name because he smiles when we caught him doing mess 😊

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