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Über Dakota

I currently live in the very dog friendly city of Berlin, with 2 parks within throwing distance (Stadtpark Lichtenberg being the bigger of the two). Additionally, there's two dog parks within approximately a 10km radius of my flat (Fredrichshain and Rummelsberg). I have extra time in the evenings, weekends, and the odd early morning or two and I'd like to spend some of that time outside walking/running/biking/playing with a furry friend. Our flat is dog friendly, and borders a small park. We live in the first floor, 60m2 with a balcony.

Why am I doing this?
I miss having a dog.

Originally I'm from Texas, and was raised around dogs. We had primarily 4 dogs throughout my childhood - a black Labrador named Joe, a chocolate Labrador named Snickers, a miniature Schnauzer named Jack-Jack, and Scooter - a Labrador mixed with a bit of hound and my 4 legged pal that saw me from adolescence to adult. This was in addition to the strays we found and the rescues we would take in periodically. Simply put - I love dogs and have experience with loads of different breeds.

I moved to Europe in 2014 and thanks to dual citizenship, I've been here ever since! Unfortunately, have not been able to have a dog since. While I wait for my situation to become dog-friendlier, I want to spend more time with dogs. Simple. (I'm also hoping the extra exposure to dogs will bring my girlfriend over to the 'dog' side.)

So if you got a dog that needs a buddy, I've got some extra time and care to give!

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