Ina, Hundesitter in Berlin

Dog loving and cuddling Berlin


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Über Ina

I've always loved animals. I had the chance to grow up among cats, until lately i switched to dogs - to a beautiful shiba inu (Pesto Loco). He is an adopted one from a shelter and has gotten a lot of love and peace. He is calm and loving towards other dogs and always loves to get to have new buddies around! :D We do a lot of walking, playing and cuddling and the area around us is surrounded with many beautiful parks and playgrounds! I can also teach some cute tricks to your dog if you're opened to it. It will be a great time filled with running, jumping, sniffing rolling around and smiling - so just go ahead and contact me and we can get to know each other a bit and see for yourself how me, pesto and your dog are a match made in heaven! ;)

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