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Über Lianette

DOG WALKER: I am currently a university student here in Berlin, but I have 5 dogs back home in California. This includes one German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix, three Pug/Chihuahua mix, and one full Chihuahua (all shown in the photos); so I have experience handling a wide range of dog sizes. In addition to these breeds, I also have experience with Shih Tzu's, Rottweilers, Yorkshire Terriers, Husky's, Pit Bulls, Bullmastiffs, and Poodles. I feel comfortable handling any age, from puppies to senior dogs. Big dogs do not intimidate me. My dogs back home can all be aggressively hyper, so I know how to handle loud, excited dogs as well.

PET SITTER: In addition to 7 dogs, I have always had other pets in my family throughout my childhood. This includes 2 Lovebirds, over 20 rabbits, a mouse, two turtles, a fish, a frog, and a chicken. Having experience with so many different types of animals, I understand how important details are when taking care of a pet.

*I am willing to travel anywhere in Berlin; I moved here only a few months ago and am always eager to discover new areas in this city.

**Ich spreche auch ein bisschen Deutsch! / Yo también hablo español!

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