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Hello. I am a dog lover since I was 4 years old. The first success story of my life was to convince my father to get a little dog. He didn't like animals. Then one day, we were watching a commercial on the T.V and I asked him " Daddy, what if we get a small dog like this?". He finally agreed. No one in the family could believe it. Then me and my mum went to get a nice puppy unfortunately from a shopping centre in Australia. My mother had to lie about how much our dog was. We named it Mooshy. Mooshy became like my sibling and best friend for the next 16 years. I loved Mooshy more than anyone in the whole world, and Mooshy was the biggest supporter to me in my lonely childhood days. Now that I look back, even though I had a great love story of 7 years, Mooshy is still the love of my life. I was very sadden by her inevitable death due to age. Since that I have had cats, but I really miss having a dog. Therefore I would love to spend time with dogs. I also like to walk, rather than sit infant of a computer all day. Therefore dog walking is the perfect job for me. It would be a miracle come true. I also love to spend time in parks.

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