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Daniela Fernanda

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Über Daniela Fernanda

My name is Daniela Planas.
Im new in Berlin and always have a soft spot for dogs. <3

I have had dogs all my life, literally since when I was born.
At my parents house we have 5 now, different sizes and races, and I have always take care of all of them.
I love dogs but as I live in a very small apartment cant be able to have one right now, so this is one of the main reasons why I would love to have a job involving them. I also have a little professional experience taking care of dogs or dog sitting that where not mine dogs.
I love to make long walks, pet and cure dogs when its necessary.
We live in Friedichschain but I can go farther, theres no problem.
Im a very responsable person, always trying to help and paying a lot of attention at my surroundings.
Near my home I have around three different parks where I could walk, play and share time with them when you are not able to be with.
I promise you, your little hairy one will be very well take care, love and healthy.
I hope you give the opportunity to share some time with it!

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