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Über Monica

Hi :) I'm Monica - I'm 32, from California and I've been living in Germany for the past few years (previously in Berlin and moved to Munich last year).

One of my greatest passions is caring for animals. I've grown up with pets and have worked in animal rescue centers throughout my life. Since moving to Munich I’ve been taking German classes and taking care of some resident pets of the city in my free time - the dream!

I generally offer:
- Home visits: I take your dog on a neighborhood walk for a potty-break, empty litter boxes for kitties, refresh water, play, give them pets & cuddles

- Walks: Along with all of the above, I take them for a longer, hour-long outing, ideally to the nearest park.

I know every situation is different and will work with whatever you need for your pet. Between my work in animal rescue centers and my time pet sitting, I have experience with all sorts of temperaments: shy, stubborn, young, old, rambunctious... I have seen it all and approach each dog with patience and warmth. At the same time I‘m a fun-loving person and will be sure to keep your pet entertained :)

I also speak basic German and am familiar with all the common English and German commands. I will gladly let your pet show off with the tricks they know, and work on any areas you‘d like me to focus on.

So send a message with what you're looking for and we can take it from there, thanks!

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